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Watercolor illustrated labels for Colorado package design
    - Jon's Natural Bread
Watercolor illustrated bread label
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Typography, graphic design and illustration services in Colorado
  - Rocky Mountain Candle Co.
Mixed media adhesive labels
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Vector illustrator for poster art in Colorado  
- Odell Brewing Co.
Scalable vector artwork for poster
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Business graphics for ecommerce store promotion
  - Miner Decadence Chocolates
  Intricate illustration for a website

Vector graphics for business documents

Custom vector graphics

Illustration is the transfer of visual concepts to an attractive format suitable for presentation. Illustration differs significantly from photography where realism is expected to convey to the viewer a wholly believable scene. Instead, the graphic artist has the freedom to illustrate visual concepts without concern that the viewer will instantaneously reject the image. The presentation environment and setting determine the degree of inherent realism that must be incorporated into the image. Where precision and accurate representation are prerequisites, technical illustration is required. Aesthetic appeal can provide flexibility where illustrative precision and realism are of lesser importance.
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