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Colorado Logo Design
Colorado School of Mines
   - 20 Page Brochure
   - Cover Design
   - Photo Processing
   - Print Coordination
Brochure design for the Colorado School of Mines 2007-2008 Student Health Benefits Plan, a highly technical publication coordinated by Stephen L. Beckley and Associates Inc., was provided as a Quark Xpress file for the previous school year.
A new cover design for an annually printed Technical Publication at a Colorado University
Changes included revisions to multiple complex tables located throughout the brochure, a complete layout overhaul to accommodate requested text and font changes, and photograph processing and placement.

Yellow Baron Graphics redesigned the front and back covers, and implemented a series of layout, photograph changes, and technical edits as part of a complex yet efficient revision process involving multiple parties. After graphic design tasks were completed, Yellow Baron Graphics finalized the project by providing print coordination services in Boulder, Colorado.
cover 2007-2008, size: 8.5 x 11"
cover 2006-2007
Graphic design services included edits to page spread, layout, and photography
Professional photography and print services in Boulder Colorado were contracted for on this assignment