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The Lovell Collection, Inc.
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Online ecommerce store in Colorado sells fine art prints on canvas with custom framing
Graphic design creates pleasing surroundings that shape the online shopping experience. Ecommerce store maximize sales opportunities when visitors browse products in an aestheticly pleasing and technically comfortable environment.

The Lovell Collection is designed as an ecommerce site offering original artwork and fine art prints. The design objective was to create a setting for fine art products in a navigational framework of links, using colors which would compliment the unique pallet of the artist. Patriotism and the New England countryside theme are subtly included in the branding. A carefully selected earth tone color (below), used on all pages, recedes into the background while the beauty of the fine art paintings & prints, products are the center of attention.
Conservative logo design for Colorado ecommerce
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The Lovell Collection logo, sophisticated and classic with fine lines, shows the home-on-hill representative of the New England country side, the inspiration for many of the client's paintings.
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  • ECommerce Self Service
  • Interaction enhances the user experience. A web page for framing artwork (above) links to fine art prints allowing buyers to envision the print of their choice behind glass.

  • Sale of Complimenting Products
  • The sale of complimenting products draws valuable traffic through an Internet shopping site. The target market that is interested in antiques also has an interest in fine art prints and framing.
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