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Miner Decadence Chocolates
   Website Design
To draw attention to the Truffle Collection an interactive display in the form of a book (above) was created to provide visitors with the ability to display a flavor of their choosing. Direct orders for truffles may then be placed to the shop. Over 42 truffle varieties, nut clusters, spiced chocolates, marshmallow, peanut brittle, as well as many other confections are available through this magnificent mountain chocolatier.
The illustration at the bottom of the page reflects the peanut butter cup outline that coincides with a customer favorite among confections made and sold by Miner Decadence. Importantly, the banner emphasizes the company name in relation to street address and provides contact information of email and phone for every page throughout the website.
To associate fine chocolates with the locational setting of the business (Miner Street, Idaho Springs, Colorado - site of the first gold strike in the state), Yellow Baron Graphics created a stylized pen-and-ink illustration of a miner. Custom photography throughout the web site was intended to capture the unique artistry pf handmade truffles, confections and custom packaging while also promoting the capabilities of this shop to fulfill corporate orders.

  • 42 Truffle Varieties
  • Packaged Chocolates
  • Miner (converted to sketch)
  • Dipping Sequence
  • Location
Interactive display, graphic design, on-location photography, and image processing
Accent graphics such as this romantic detail depicting a dove, are created with graphic arts vector editing software
intricate illustration    
User interface features an innovative interactive product display to encourage manual viewing of high quality products
interactive display   
Rustic pencil sketch illustrates the mining theme and adds authenticity to the brand digital pencil 
An elegant intial capital begins the story of an historic mining town chocolate storeiner Decadence Chocolates
is a growing business located west of Denver in a historic mining town. For this retailer of fine handmade chocolates, the website design conveys a sense of elegance surrounding unique fine chocolates, within a historic setting. Yellow Baron Graphics researched domain names and recommended, an informative, easy-to-remember and descriptive name in the active and highly competitive food and beverage industry.
High quality user interface design encourages interaction and order placement
Chocolate boxes photographed to provide accurate examples of the product, encourage order placement and fulfillment
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