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Alan Czarnowsky, Author
   Digital Photo Illustration
   Book Cover Design
Written by a Father for his Daughter...

The processing of digital images for commercial printing of this cover included adjusting the authors family photo of three people seated on a boat. In the photo (above) the father and daughter have been brought closer together and a mustache added to the man (the authors grandfather) to provide him with features resembling himself.
Accent graphics on the flaps, spine and cover compliment the story
Custom graphics and illustration in Colorado
Digital photo editing and creation of sepia tone artwork for book cover
Front and back flaps with graphic design and typesetting
Colorado graphic artist formatted the design for soft back and hard back
Custom photography and graphics show the mining and letter writing themes while pink and blue compliment the underlying story of a father and daughter relationship.

Converting the black and white photo to sepia tone created alignment with the time period of the story. Print coordination included formatting the design for hard-back and soft-back covers.
The book is illustrated in Loveland Colorado with photos and graphics