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PRINTING: Yellow Baron Graphics worked closely with the commercial label printer. Many labels have oversaturated colors. We manually corrected some of the colors to maintain earth tones compatible with the rest of the product. For example, sage green is a critical element in the hills and valley. Had this color been an oversaturated emerald green, the scene depicted would have taken on an undesirable Wizard of Oz appearance. Matte rather than gloss label stock also helped to minimize color saturation
Moose, elk, hummingbird,
bear, trout and columbine, Colorado's
state flower, are fine details that
make this an entertaining and
quality souvenir.

The labels were completed and the product was launched with immediate success. Within days, retailers from Casper, WY to Pagosa Springs, CO placed orders to carry this product in their stores. Rocky Mountain Candle Co. has been approached by nationwide distributors.

Watercolor was chosen as a medium that naturally lends itself to enhancing home decor. Yellow Baron Graphics non-commercial illustration style combined with the soft tonal variation of the painted landscape compliment the client's products.
Label size: 4 x 2 ½"
Label printing with custom multi-media illustration of Colorado mountain scene
        Labeling and creative packaging are an important part of the branding strategy behind this     products' success. Colorful imagery painted in watercolor and overlaid with digital typesetting depicts a Colorado theme. Illustrations include a splendorous mountain; Adelaide Hiebel, flyfisherman; R.L. McCollister, river and valley scene with wildlife; Stephanie Olsen.
A rustic metal charm on the lid of each
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