Colorado Logo Designer

Jon's Natural Bread
   Brand Development
   Package Design
   Watercolor Illustration
Graphic design on each bread loaf sets this food product apart on the grocery store shelves
Packaging designs for food use watercolor illustrated labels
The packaging of Jon's Natural Bread emphasizes the quality of the bread by allowing it to show through the bag. Paper labels with a watercolor illustration wrap around each loaf. Labels are printed with soy ink and each label has "All Organic Flour" incorporated into the graphics.
Graphic Design for packaging entails consideration of product display objectives for retail sale on shelves, islands or endcaps. Knowledge required of the Graphic Artist for packaging includes technical mandates and material requirements.
Colorful illustrated printed paper labels for a Colorado company
Typesetting, Graphic Design and Branding for Colorado food product marketing
'Nutrition Facts' information is typeset according to USDA specifications. Fonts, line weights and placement of UPC symbol are consistently laid out on each label to meet package design requirements.

Food and Beverage Industry
Nutrition facts comply with USDA food product specifications
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