4 Tabbed Brochures
   Digital Artwork
   Vector Maps
   Landscape Folder
Client provided photos and animal images are integral to project success. Cleanrooms are commonly used for animal research in lab settings, and animals are used throughout to keep the pages lively and to help guide readers through the material.
Information about the bioBubble® air filtration systems Air Shower, Airlock, Quarantine Unit and positive and negative containment barriers is complimented by graphics (left) depicting the flow of clean air.
Each of the tabbed brochures is folded down the center; incorporates a varnish on the primary cover image and on the tab. This style of brochure is versatile in that they may be handed out independently at trade shows with the potential to include papers selected by the sales representatives.

High-quality printing combined with a smooth satin finish inhibits fingerprinting and scuffing, while making this a pleasant marketing piece to view and hold, these are small but important attributes that complement cleanroom products.
Brochure design includes index tabs, digital and professional photography
3d logo with custom metal letters for Fort Collins, Colorado company
Page design with photos of animals for the Colorado Clean Room Company
Logo with an animal
Stock photos of animals used in international medical research

Imaginative conceptual graphic designed by Northern Colorado artist
Colorado Bio tech brochure designed with schematic diagrams
Custom and stock photography in Fort Collins, Colorado company brochure CD label designed as part of a sales and media kit
Shown above, a landscape format, pocket folder with 2 capacity pockets. Four 8½ x 11" tabbed brochures comprising a catalog of product information have index tabs to categorize content into a clean and refreshing presentation. To compliment tubing strength the 3d logo was stylized digitally to appear metallic.
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Animals depicted include chickens (above), ferrett and lizard (shown right), rabbit, hampster, fish, cat, monkey, sheep, dog and gerbil. The lizard, placed on the pocket of the folder between the two half-moon die-cuts that hold the company business card, is revealed when the card is removed.